NYSDEC has released the Brownfield Remedial Investigation Work Plan for public comment. Honeywell’s Work Plan for the Superfund areas is under review by the agency and will be publicly available once that review is complete.

Both RITC and Honeywell developed Citizens Participation Plans, which outline how the public will be kept informed and allowed to participate in the project. Based on the environmental investigations, a remedial approach meeting the State protective standards will be developed and implemented.

Both investigations include a series of test pits, soil borings, surface water and sediment sampling, as well as groundwater monitoring wells and sampling. Asbestos abatement at the main plant, as well as coke and coal removal started in 2019. Demolition of the buildings and stacks is scheduled to begin in late 2020 and continue into 2021.

Investigation reports will be sent to the DEC in early 2021. Subsequent reports will identify proposed remedies for the agency’s consideration.

A Community Air Monitoring Plan as well as Health and Safety Plans are critical parts of the project. A comprehensive Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan defines efforts to control surface water quality.