US EPA Removal Actions

US EPA worked with NYSDEC to shut down operations at Tonawanda Coke. According to US EPA’s December 2019 Fact Sheet, its removal program included:

“securing all drums, containers and tanks; treating process waste before being discharged to the local water treatment plant and providing other emergency stabilization actions. In Fall 2018, sixty coke ovens were closed, following the emptying and purging of gases from these structures. This marked the end of coke production at the facility. Throughout 2019, EPA removed certain contaminated soil at the facility to mitigate impacts to surface water and stop the spread of contamination. Floors contaminated with chemicals in several buildings have been cleaned, and over a million gallons of contaminated water have been treated. Other areas contaminated with hazardous substances were addressed by EPA to prevent the release of the contaminants to the environment.”

US EPA’s website: